A warm welcome to my Website

Welcome to my website the virtul place where is share what I do to make this world a better place. There might be many reasons that you have came across this page. I have no way of knowing why.

All that I have on offer is no more than my own 2 cents. I am a high spirited young man with an inquisitive mind and I have always had longing to assist people to face some of the challenge of life. I have been working with people for 7 years now, at first as a massage therapist. Which lacked a certain real personal intimacy I longed for (ironic isn’t it?) so I went searching for something more and in my own search found inspirational breathwork™. Which filled me with so much joy when I found it.

Inspirational Breathwork is a very profound yet simple healing modality. It basic assumption is that every human-being can consciously breathe freely and openly thereby making full use off all the life energy, and be in a state of joy and bliss.

In my realization, there is a connection between the way we breathe and the way we relate and see ourselves.  xx . This original relationship we have with ourselves in turn forms the basis for the way we relate with the rest of the world. With world I point towards the earth we live in, our intimate partners (we love), friends (we cherish), family (we belong to), co-workers (we love or just have to accept ;-) ) and all the other neighbors that share this world with us. Also our relationship to the divine or better expressed THE UNKNOWN dimension of the world is based on our relationship with ourselves.

In our modern life we have lost our natural way of breathing and being present. Either we forget to breath, or we control our breath, or we don’t breath into the chest, or at other times we don’t breath into the belly.

Inspirational Breathwork is a path towards reclaiming back our free and full breathing pattern so that we can live in full acceptance of life and everything that we encounter in it at every moment along the way.

Along this journey towards a full breath there are many repressed and uncomfortable memories, feelings or sensations and experiences that we need to come to terms with and allow into our experience of ourselves. And also joy

BUT I promise to you that it is so WORTH it. Life with an open breath ROCKS :-)