A warm welcome to my Website

welcomeWelcome to my website the virtual place where is share what I do to make this world a better place. There might be many reasons that you have came across this page. I have no way of knowing why. All that I have on offer is no more than my own 2 cents. I am a high spirited young man with an inquisitive mind and I have always had longing to assist people to face some of the challenge of life. I have been working with people for 8 years now, at first as a massage therapist and later after I discovered the power of my own breath and I started breathing ;-) (haha) I journeyed on to become a professional Breathworker. Alongside breathwork a major part of my inner work has also been in-quiry which I now share with other people in the format of the Awareness Intensive (retreat) and fortnightly OSHO active Meditation evenings. Making the decision to work with somebody is a very important choice if you would like to know more about me and who I am as a person; you can do so on my BIO page or read what people had to say about their experience of me.

polar hands bodywork
As you know, Massage or Bodywork is very much where I started my journey of working with people. It is something that I am very good at and am very passionate about. When being with people in this way; I embrace and acknowledge the attitudes … “when you touch you touch god” which brings into the work a certain kind of sacredness as well as an honoring of the process. The bulk of my training has been in rebalancing, and lomi lomi which I still practice. Over the years I have done less massages but my passion for that work remains flickering strong. I do not think that the body can be separated from the heart and the mind; thats why I prefer to call it Bodywork. Bodywork is great for those times when the going gets tough and nothing wants to move literally and metaphorically. I offer Deep Tissue Massage, Rebalancing, and Sports Massage but you can read much more about that on the Bodywork page. [find out more]

polar breather breathwork
Inspirational Breathwork is a very profound yet simple healing modality. The basic assumption is that every human-being can consciously breathe freely and openly thereby making full use off all the life energy that is available thereby be in a state of joy, bliss or acceptance. In my runderstading, there is a connection between the way we breathe and the way we relate and see ourselves. This original relationship we have with ourselves in turn forms the basis for the way we relate with the rest of the world of people and experience. With world I point towards the earth we live in, our intimate partners (we love), friends (we cherish), family (we belong to), co-workers (we love or just have to accept ;-) ) and all the other neighbors that share this world with us. This also encompass our relationship to the divine or better expressed THE UNKNOWN dimension of the world. In modern life we have lost our natural way of breathing; either we forget to breath, or we control our breath, or we don’t breath into the chest, or at other times we don’t breath into the belly. Inspirational Breathwork is a path towards reclaiming back our free and full breathing pattern so that we can live in full acceptance of life and everything that we encounter in it at every moment. Along this journey towards a full breath there are many denied or repressed and joyful and uncomfortable memories, feelings or sensations and experiences that we need to come to terms with and allow into our experience of ourselves. If you would like to know allot more about breatwork you can [find out more].

polar dyad awareness
On my own journey for truth one of the earlies and also most influential processes or teachings that I have undertaken or was the Awareness Intensive called WHO IS IN? When I did it, it blew my mind away very literally and I was in a direct experience of “self,” true nature enlightenment whatever you want to call it; what before I had only heard about I could taste directly. So much became clear and obstructions where removed. Even though initially it was a great taster of the essence of my own being over time it has shown to be a great way of deepen and clarifying learning and understanding of my own true nature. I eventually ended up learning to conduct this retreat process and I do so regularly in Cape Town and Johannesburg. [find out more]

 polar osho meditationOSHO meditations have been part of my practice for a very long time. After a number of years of longing to share these with people in 2014 I started sharing them. I only make the time and the space available. These are meditations that accept and acknowledge the modern man with a itchy body and a busy mind. They are held every 2 weeks in a yoga study in the centre of Cape Town. If you are interested to [find out more].